Update Log

30th December, 2023: Edited the side bar image!

31st May, 2023: Just added a little page to refer to on my carrd for form commissions.

8th May, 2023: Mispelt my own damn name in one of the pages and only noticed now after however many months. Oops!

25th April, 2023: Remade home page to be more responsive to sizing. (Site is still not fully optimised for mobile)

26th February, 2023: Worked on optimising for mobile. Still a work in progress.

24th January, 2023: Minor editing to font sizes, converted from px to rem.

21st January, 2023: Edited the font size for Umurangi Generation shrine, should be a little easier to read now!

7th December, 2022: Removed javascript from embed on Home Page! As well as image on About Me since I was having issues aligning it.

3rd December, 2022: Finally made a button for my site!

2nd December, 2022: Added a shrine for Umurangi Generation! Can be found in the ??? page!

10th October, 2022: Some minor cleaning up with the javascript.

21st Semptember, 2022: Added an old javascript game I made in highschool to the ??? page! ;]

17th September, 2022: In the process of optimising site for mobile.

22nd August, 2022: Art Gallery Page now has art in it! Also fixed up some bugs and added alt text to all images.

17th August, 2022: Created Art Gallery! Also replaced placeholder text in About Me.

8th August, 2022: About Me Page styled.

6th August, 2022: Home Page styled. Update Log is now on the right-hand side.

27th July, 2022: Added new songs to playlist. Also moved commissions carrd to sidebar.

20th July, 2022: Embeds Created. Some haven't been fully implemented yet.

1st June, 2022: About Me Page Created. Image is temporary.