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It is an illustration of Nik's OC, Tamaiti. They are smiling at the camera, bent over and waving their hand. They are wearing a red croptop with a heart-shaped window, low-rise dark-blue jeans, and black underwear worn in a Whaletail style. They also have 2 butterfly clips in their hair, one thats green, and one thats blue. The background behind them is a repeated red and blue texture that is ever so slightly brighter around Tamaiti. It is a comic of Nik's OCs, Roosevelt and Lunaris. They are sitting together in an underworld-like realm. In the first panel they are both glaring at someone and say at the same time, “Oh great. It's Razzle Dazzle.” The next panel shows them looking at each other sheepishly and both saying, “You've got drama with him too? Yeah he's kind of my ex-boyfriend!” While laughing. The final panel shows them staring off in the distance, wide-eyed, while they both go, “Wait.” It is an illustration of Nik's OC, Roosevelt. He is a dark-skinned vampire with pink and purple eyes, a scar across his nose, a mole under the left side of his lip, and greying brown hair style into a big heart-shaped bun at the back, with sideburns and a goatee. He wears a lavender shirt with a dark purple hat, gloves and shirt-bow. He also wears a necklace with a glass vial attatched to it. He is sitting in a wheelchair, sadly smiling at the camera with one hand open in a waving gesture. The background shows a cool-toned forest environment, with bushes of roses behind him, and a silhouette of a deer with bright purple eyes in the distance. It is an illustration of Nik's OC, Tamaiti. They are lying down with their eyes closed, blanketed by something appearing to be a combination of the ocean's tides and a nebula of red and blue. Two pale intangible hands gently caress their face as the star marking on their forehead glows. Behind them are a spiral of tenctacles, floating eyes staring down at them and a set of large angelic wings. At the top of the illustration is an unknown entity baring some resemblence to Tamaiti, they are gripping the sides of their head as tears roll down their face. Pinfeathers appear to be growing out of their shoulders, elbows, and cheeks. The background appears to be of the same nebula blanketing Tamaiti. It is an illustration of Nik's courier OC 'Nathan' for Fallout New Vegas. He is a black man with grey eyes and black hair styled in 'Tunnel Snake' fashion. He wears a dark brown jacket with a patch on the back with the Kings' symbol on it and black fingerless gloves. He winks at the camera as he smiles while making a finger gun gesture. It is an illustration of Nik's vampire OCs, Lunaris and Roosevelt. They are kissing while Roosvelt is being picked up by Lunaris and leaning on one of Lunaris' legs. Roosevelt has his arms wrapped around Lunaris' neck. It is a redraw of a scene from the season two finale of The Owl House, King's Tide. The illustration shows a group of younger versions of the adults. From left to right the adults are: Perry, Principal Bump, Lilith, Raine, Darius, Alador and Odalia. They all appear to be looking at an individual who is out of shot. Lilith is waving to the person, while Raine is giving them a thumbs up and winking. The other five are ever so slightly faded into the background, giving more focus on Lilith and Raine. It is a drawing of Tony The Talking Clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. He is dressed in Juggalo-styled makeup and a black t-shirt with a red hatchet man on it. In his hand he has a red can. He is infront of a red dotted background. It is a drawing of Nik's OC, Beautrice. She is playing a dulcimer while singing, and sitting on a patch of grass. The background behind her shows a bright day sky, and a bright pink lake behind her. It is an illustration of Nik's vampire OCs, Addy, Rosie and Lunaris in a forest scene. Addy is curled up with her hands as open fists, screaming. She is leaning against Rosie who is holding her while looking in horror while Lunaris is behind both of them with his hand on Addy's back, looking also in horror. They are all crying blood. It is an illustration of Nik's vampire OCs, Addy, Rosie and Lunaris. Lunaris and Roosevelt are hugging each other with Addy in the middle, they both have one hand cradling each side of her face. Rosie is gently kissing her forehead while Lunaris rests his head ontop of Addy's. There is a banner underneath with a hidden code. It is a drawing of Nik's OC, River. He is wearing a sleeveless dark magenta tunic/dress with a glowing white sun crown with moons floating around it. He is holding a golden staff with the top just out of shot, in a position to dodge an attack. He looks furiously at someone out of shot. The sun and moon symbols on his hands glow faintly. It is a drawing of a humanised version of Paige the Notepad from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared. They're smiling while looking and pointing at their hair. It is a drawing of the My Little Pony character, Muffins (Also known as Ditzy Doo or Derpy Hooves), She is smiling with bubbles floating next to her. A drawing of Nik's OC Monty looking at the viewer while he's seen painting on a canvas. He's frowning sticking his tongue out. It is a drawing of Nik's fursona. It is a brushtail possum with small horns and dark brown hair covering their eyes. The background is a deep pink with a darker border and yellow scribbles. It is an illustration of an Archfey-like faun, her palette a combination of bright yellows, dark blues, and brown. She is calmly sitting on a large red-white mushroom, smiling at the viewer with a large yellow blossomed tree behidn her. An incense stick next to her is lit, and the smoke swirls around in a myriad of colours around her. It is an illustration of Nik's character Monty. He is standing hunched over a hill like mound, holding a bloody dagger and glaring at the viewer as fire engulfs the background. Upon closer inspection the phrase If I only could I'd set the world on fire can be seen repeated over and over again in the flames.

Archived Art (Pre June, 2022)

It is a painting of Nik's character Aderyn, she is smiling with her hands outreached to the viewer and her eyes faintly glowing white. Behind her is a large demonic being who creates the background of the piece, his hands are around Aderyn's, almost guiding her. It is a drawing of humanisation designs of Paige and Tony the Talking Clock from Don't Hug Me, I'm Scared. Tony is lifting Paige up into the air as they look into eachother's eyes, smiling. It is a redraw of a scene from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974). The antagonist, Leatherface, has one hand raised swinging, holding an out-of-shot weapon. The redraw has a limited colour palette of cyan, dark blue, and red. The red is solely used for the background showing the taxidermy and wall behind. It is a redraw of a scene from Halloween (1978). The antagonist, Michael Myers, is peering over a staircase holding a kitchen knife in his hand. The redraw has a limited colour palette of red, yellow, and dark turquoise. It is a drawing of Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club. Her face is painted with juggalo makeup and she is smiling maliciously as blood splatters around her. She is holding a soda in one hand and a hatchet in the other. The background is 2 different types of purple patterned in a way to make a meat like texture. It is a digital painting of Nik's character, Aderyn. She is calmly standing with her eyes closed as her hair warps and covers the entire top of the painting. She has roses in her hair. Text goes over her hair saying, You've got roses on the brain but I'm all wilt. It is a digital painting of Nik's character, Monty. He is calmly standing with his eyes closed and one of his arms extended outwards. He has large patches of snow on his arms, head and horns. Infront of his chest is a heart made of ice with cracks down the middle and a smaller red heart inside. The background has snowflakes falling all around him, some appearing to come from his hand. Text surrounds him saying, You've got snowflakes in your veins and I'm all melt.